A view of Accra, Ghana demonstrating how some portions of the city are darkened by "load shedding".  

Portable Solar Products 



Seth C. Addo-Yobo, Esq. founded ADDOSOLAR in order to provide simple portable solar products to the traveler who frequents countries with power supply problems.  In this day and age, there is no need to be caught in a situation without light or the ability to charge a mobile phone.  If you travel to the developing world, our products are a must have.   If you have relatives in a country with power supply problems they will certainly appreciate a solar device instead of a T-shirt. 





Solar desk lamp. 

 Solar torchlight

Woman,Portable Solar Products in East Legon, Accra

Solar phone charger. 

Solar lantern. 


Our goal is to equip people with simple solar products that:

1) Do not require installation;

2) Can be taken on trips; and

3) Work as advertised!!





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