This is a wonderful desk lamp that is foldable and lightweight.  If gives 300 lumens of directed light.  It also has a usb port from which you can charge your mobile phone.  It comes with the cord and the pin, mini usb and micro usb adapters. 

1. Smart Foldable Design: A>Opened as table study light  B> Folded as lantern or hanging light

2. 3W LED + 2W Solar panel: 5 Hours 3W Lighting/ 8 hours 2W Lighting/ 13 hours 1W Lighting time

3. Touch Switch mode-----Dimmable function

Solar panel 2W, 17% efficiency 10 years
Li-ion battery 3.7V  3600mAh 1000 cycles
LED W, 300lm, 2700K~6500K 50,000Hrs
Lighting mode Touch mold Dim/Middle/High
Material Aluminum Alloys +ABS
Solar charging time 10Hrs 1000W/m2
Lighting time More than 10 Hours Full charged
Product size Light: 302*88*25   Unit: mm

Product Application Area:

House wall light

Studying table light

Outdoor camping or traveling light

Hand hanging light

Emergency tool light


Foldable Solar Desk Lamp